Our headquartes in Rezzato (Brescia), in Italy.

The Detas Group is quite young (1978) but the experience and the professional knowledge are handed down from generation to generation since 1896 when in Pola (Istria) the original company was founded. Electric materials and technical supplies were the original business of our activity. Italian Marine orders and electrification of the local territory let the company grow in the coming years. Later, the industrial development moved our experience and knowledge to new choices.

Today we develop daily new products and ideas, designing, producing and testing several products in our facilities in compliance with the international standards. The main markets where our company operates are industrial automation, traffic safety and LED lighting.

Electrotechnics and electronics as base for the design and development of the products we produce and resell.

Power electronics and experience in the optical design are additional engines of our success.

The continuous innovation that the market has recognized to our products is the best motivation to continue to make the business of our customers simpler, more efficient and safer.

In 2016 Detas celebrated its 120th anniversary.

The brands of Detas Group:
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